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daSama skandHam - The Tenth Canto - 5

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dEvaki giving birth to krSNa


As that dEvaki, beautiful like a lotus, suffered labor pains, the minds of the evil ones were beset with fear and woe while that of the good ones was relieved of fear and felt joyous. 


As mother dEvaki was about to give birth to the Lord of Lords , the seven oceans swelled in purity; the clouds thundered heralding sweetness; the sky shone brightly with stars and the planets; the eight directions appeared clearer; fragrant breeze wafted gently; the fire in the sacrificial pits was in full glow; the lakes were full of lotuses that were surrounded by buzzing bees displaying utmost beauty; rivers flowed carrying very pure and sacred waters; the earth was adorned by colony of great cities, towns and villages;  forests and gardens were replete with flowers, fruits which attracted the tweeting birds and the gods showered flowers on the blessed couple.


The gandharvAs sang in ecstasy, the apsarAs led by rambhA  danced in joy, the sidhhAs came together in happiness, the chAraNAs left behind their fears as the trumpets of the Gods blew loudly.


At that time...


At the stroke of midnight, as the positions of stars and planets signified auspiciousness, dEvaki gave birth to a male child - 
Who rejects the children of diti- demons; 
Who brings joy to the face of those who seek refuge in Him; 
Who is victorious;
Who is the all pervasive viShNU!


O king Parikshit, as the bright and beautiful dEvaki glanced at the new-born Who is verily the graceful viShNU, she shone brightly just as the eastern direction shines at the rise of the full moon! 




vasudEva was thrilled with excitement and ardour at the sight of the divine child -
The One with the complexion of the water-bearing clouds;
The One with four hands that extended until the knees;
The One with Lotus like eyes;
The One with a broad chest;
The One wielding the conch, discus, mace and lotus in His four hands;
The One adorned with the resplendent gem kaustubha on his neck;
The One decked with lovely waist band, anklets and bracelet;
The One with the divine mark SrIvatsa;
The One Whose curly locks in the forehead shone in the light of the ear rings;
The One wearing a crown studded with the best gems and stones;
The Divine child, protector of all the worlds, beautiful like the full moon, the repository of all good qualities and the One with unbounded compassion.


vasudEva was in deep elation but as he could not take bath, he resolved in his mind to give away ten thousand cows to brAhmins.


Further, vasudEva...


...with complete devotion thought thus. This child is illumining this labor room with radiance. He must verily be the One who created the four-headed brahma himself.

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