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daSama skandHam - The Tenth Canto - 4

The eulogy of brahma and other Gods

daSama skandHam - The Tenth Canto - 3

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On that occasion, nArada and other sages along with their followers accompanied by the four-faced brahma and three-eyed Siva deigned to the place where dEvaki was confined and eulogized the best among purushas who was in her womb thus...


Oh Lord, You have the vow of upholding Truth; You are the very basis for attaining eternity; You are the Eternal Who exists in the past, present and future; You are the source of the five elements; You are the One existing after the five elements are withdrawn; You always speak the Truth and look after all equally; we seek refuge in Thee. Overtaken by the mAya that is under Your control, those bereft of wisdom describe Thee variously; however the wise having attained a higher level of consciousness and concentration proclaim that You permeate the entire creation.


Not only that...


Prakrthi, Nature is the Tree; 
pleasure and pain are its twin fruits, 
the three attributes satwa, rajas and tamas are its roots; 
dharma, the four purushArthAs - dharma, artha, kAma and mOkshA are its four tastes; 
it is perceived through the five elements; 
its six bends are the six attributes - desire, thirst, sadness, illusion, birth and death; 
the seven-fold essences skin, flesh, blood, brain, skeleton etc. are its seven layers; 
the five elements, mind, intellect and ego are its eight branches; 
the nine holes of the body eyes, ears, mouth etc. are the holes on the tree; 
the ten prANAs  or life forces in human body are the leaves;
On this Tree, the twin birds are the individual (jIva) and the Lord (ISwara).
You alone are the Lord responsible for creation, sustenance and dissolution of this tree of samsAra.


The aware ones concentrate their mind only on You and don't get distracted into other ways and thereby using Your feet as the boat they cross the ocean of samsArA as easily as the calf takes a small step.


In order to ensure safety and protection of the world You take any number of births and while You ensure auspiciousness on the good people, You punish the evil ones.


O lotus-eyed One! Some people proclaiming to know Your essence and yet indulge in vain pursuits and in spite of knowing Your greatness cannot contemplate on Your name. Such people attain depravity.


However, the truly great who know You, contemplate on You steadily and thereby being fearless overcome obstacles. Oh Lord, such people having won Your grace and protection live an exalted life in Your presence.


Oh Lord hari, people in the four stages of life, viz. celibates, householders, retirees and renunciants serve and worship You. Then You assume a body full of satwa attribute, is sacred and confers protection and liberation on all the worlds.


O lotus eyed One! Your body is made of the satwa attribute and associated with the Absolute. If it were not so, how could it remove our ignorance? You shine forth even in the tri-attributes or three guNAs. You are attained by serving You with the satwa attribute. Being the witness, You are beyond the reach of thought and word. The wise, true and the sinless ones recognize Your absolute form and name which is attribute-less. He who worships Your Feet through meditation, contemplation, listens to Your stories and extols You becomes free from rebirth.


O best among men! The burden of the earth has been relieved by Your descent. Due to the refuge of Your lotus feet and Your compassion, we are able to see the earth and the sky in their respective places.


O birthless One, taking birth is but a sport for You. It is not a birth in the real sense. For, the various stages of life including birth are for the jIvAs and are caused by ignorance or mAya. However the same mAya even if it is by Your side, is unable to envelop You when You are born. Therefore You are the Lord of all.


You have graced us as the giant fish, the tortoise, the huge boar, the wealth conferring man-lion, the mendicant vAmana, the horse-faced hayagrIva, the lord of the earth paraSurAmA, the king srIrAma, as the benevolent and compassionate One and You have saved the fourteen worlds. I bow to You Lord, kindly relive the earth of its burden.


O mukundA, the world has drowned in sorrow due to the tyranny of kamsa and his associates. Kindly deign to emerge from the womb of the mother to provide love and care to the world.


Further, looking at dEvaki they spoke thus...


O Mother, in thy womb, the First among the purushAs is residing. Tomorrow He shall be born. Be certain that there isn't even an iota of danger from kamsa and his associates. We are safe now onward. As the entire yAdAva clan rejoices may you ever stay blessed.


Having thus extolled hari and blessing dEvaki, the gods left headed by Lord brahma and Siva. Then...

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