Saturday, August 14, 2004


Independence day is here again. It is time to remember the great struggle and sacrifice of millions who ensured that we live happily today. If you sit down and think, you will find that the history of Indian freedom struggle has no parallel in the world. Our struggle through non-violence spearheaded by Mahatma Gandhi is indeed unique. It speaks volumes about the conviction the Father of the nation had. It needs a very tough mind and loads of mental energy. It is only right to say that his contribution to our society has been forgotten by everyone. He simply has not been given the credit he deserved by historians. Of course, the story of Indian freedom struggle is more than the story of Gandhi, but, this I-day we should start with remembering Gandhi and the values he lived for. The fact that millions reposed faith in him, also implies that those believed in the same values.

Sadly it is something we have missed down the line. I have often thought why (m)any of the organizations do not even hoist the flag on these days of national importance. I wondered why the Government cannot ensure that everybody does this. Of course, we should not do it for fear of law, but because that is a way to remember the people who made sure we are not slaves any more (of course we still like being that, but that is another story). I hope we realise this sooner than later and pay our gratitude to the freedom fighters.

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