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daSama skandHam - The Tenth Canto - 7

daSama skandHam - The Tenth Canto - 6

The previous birth of dEvaki and vasudEva


Upon hearing the eulogies of dEvaki, the Lord spoke thus. O Mother, earlier during the regime of the swAyambhuva manu you were known as vrSni, the chaste and virtuous wife of the prajapati sutapu who is now vasudEva. In the beginning of the creation, you both were inspired by brahma and performed very difficult penance for a period of 12000 years by conquering your senses, subsisting merely on leaves and roots without being deterred by the sun, rain, wind or snow and observing solitude. By virtue of contemplating on me for such a long period without any blemish in your hearts, your forms turned resplendent and I manifested in front of you and offered to confer desirous boons upon you. At that time you could have very well asked for liberation but being under my spell and being childless, you both desired for a son equal to me in all aspects. Since there is no one else equal to me, I was myself born as a child to you and came to be known as vrSnigarbha, one born of vrSni.


In your second birth, you were respectively known as aditi and kaSyapa. I descended and was then born to you as the dwarf vAmana, being the younger brother of indra, the lord of the gods.


Now, in this third birth I have been born to you both again. As promised earlier I have been your child three times and after this there is no birth for Me through you.


Considering Me as your child you shall derive supreme bliss. Realizing Me to be the Absolute and contemplating on Me you shall attain the highest state. By virtue of the love and devotion you have on Me, you shall be liberated and not born henceforth. 

krSNa assuming the form of a child


Saying so, the Lord withdrew His mighty Form...


O King (parikshit), as the parents looked on without battling an eyelid, the Lord magically withdrew His majestic form and assumed that of a tender new born and started to make gestures befitting one. 

krSNa goes to rEpallE

vasudEvA grasped from the instructions of lord hari about the further course of action..


O king (parikshit), while vasudEvA looked to take the new born out of the prison, there in rEpallE in nanda's house goddess yOgamAya was born to his wife yaSOdA.


At that time...


vasudEvA held the infant across his chest and pressed him to the bosom. Taking stealthy steps he at once crossed the soldiers guarding the labor room.


There in rEpallE,


yaSOdA gave birth to the little girl who was none other than yOgamAya, the illusory power of the lord. By virtue of her birth a magical spell descended upon both people in rEpallE as well as the soldiers guarding the prison in mathurA and they all fell in to deep stupor.


As vasudEvA held the great child in his hands and took measured and stealthy steps,  the iron chains with which he was tied un-linked magically, the locks on the doors of the prison gave away and they sprung open! vasudEvA walked the huge corridors of the palace and crossed the main arch. AdiSEShA, the giant serpent followed the lord closing all the gates that opened magically and walked behind the lord with an unfurled hood that served as an umbrella and keeping a keen vigil.


That river yamunA split and gave way to vasudEvA just like the mighty ocean yielded the path to the lord of sItA back in the trEtAyuga.

krSNa by the side of yaSOdA

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Thus vasudEvA crossed the river yamunA swiftly and reached the village of nanda. Without disturbing any of the inhabitants who were in deep sleep he approached the bedside of the ever smiling yaSOdA. He exchanged his dark hued boy with the just born girl of yaSOdA at once. Carrying the little girl of yaSOdA, he quickly returned to his dwelling and put her by the side of dEvaki without any hesitation.


Having reached the confinement vasudEvA quickly chained his legs and pretended as if he was unaware of the happenings. He cunningly curled up in a corner and was shivering.


O king parikshith, that night the beautiful yaSOdA was so deep in sleep that she had no idea that her little daughter has been replaced by her side by the Lotus eyed lord!


As the effect of the spell cast by SrI vishNu receded the guards woke up to the cry of the just born baby girl. Seeing the intact locks on the doors and feeling relieved they ran to kamsa and gave the news of dEvaki's delivery. He at once scrambled up from his bed. His headlocks unwound and his shoulder scarf dragged on the ground as he hurried towards the labour room and approached the new born in a bid to slay her...

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