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Sundara Kaanda - Sundare Sundaro Rama...

Sundara kaanda is the fifth of the seven parts that makes up the epic Ramayanam. This chapter exclusively deals with the daring search operation conducted single-handedly by Hanuman, the trusted servant of Lord SriRama for mother Seetha. With no scope for advice or second opinion in this adventure Hanuman solely relies on his judgment and might to wade through the several challenges that come his way and ultimately emerges successful.  Valmiki is at his best expounding the thoughts that run in Hanuman's mind as he undertakes this extremely critical mission alone. There are lessons galore packed beautifully in the Sundara Kaanda. With the grace of the Lord, I endeavor to present one sloka that appeals to me with the meaning and hopefully a contemporary take on the same every week.

To start it off on this holy Vaikuntha Ekadasi day of 2015, let us see the verse that extols the Sundara Kanda. 

सुंदरे  सुन्दरो  रामः  सुंदरे  सुंदरी  कथा
सुंदरे  सुंदरी  सीता  सुंदरे  सुंदरं  वनं
सुंदरे  सुंदरं  काव्यं  सुंदरे  सुन्दरः  कपिः
सुंदरे  सुंदरं  मन्त्रं  सुंदरे  किं  न  सुंदरं ?

సుందరే సుందరో రామః సుందరే సుందరీ కథా
సుందరే సుందరీ సీతా సుందరే సుందరం వనం 
సుందరే సుందరం కావ్యం సుందరే సుందర: కపి: 
సుందరే సుందరం మంత్రం సుందరే కిం న సుందరం

Beautiful is Lord Rama in the SundaraKaanda
Beautiful is the story
Beautiful is mother Seetha
Beautiful is the Ashoka forest (in which She lived)
Beautiful is the poetry
Beautiful is the monkey (Lord Hanuman)
Beautiful is the mantram 
What is it that is not beautiful (in sundara kaanda)?

Sundara kanda full of messages for our daily life presented beautifully. The first of the poets serves a great treat of fact and beauty. Please come, let us follow the trail of lord Hanuman.


Sandhya said...

Thanks so much Ramesh, for beginning the year on this note. I am looking forward to your weekly interepretations on
The Sundara Kaandam.


Sandhya said...

Thanks Ramesh for beginning the year on this high note. I look forward to your weekly interpretations on The Sundara Kaandam.


bujji said...

Sundarakanda - the beautiful mind in hanuman

sreenu said...

Sundara Kanda describes the acts of a devoted servant which is very relevant to everyone of us, for we are all in one way or other servants of one system or other.It depicts the responsibilities, concentration, perseverance towards achieving the goal, intelligently avoiding distracting and tempting forces and looking beyond the set goal to move towards ultimate goal.

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