Friday, January 15, 2010

Solar Eclipse 2010 from Bangalore

Watched the solar eclipse with the aid of an X-ray film (caution: only the unexposed portion (which is dark) of the film is to be used for watching. Ideal would be an unused x-ray film). Thoughts zoomed away into the solar system and imagined a bird's eye view, nay, God's eye view of the eclipse! As the Sun, Moon and the Earth lined up in a row to treat us to the longest eclipse, we watched it every few minutes and were able to imagine that the shadow was moving away in the north eastern direction. What is more, even my humble canon powershot A510 got behind the x-ray film and I generously clicked away at the rare crescent the Sun was displaying. Enjoy those below:

I was facing south while clicking these pics. So it is clear how the shadow was moving. Of course, not a discovery at all, but just the good feeling that I captured it in my lenses and of course I could kill the duration of the eclipse without feeling hungry (eating/drinking during any eclipse is a strict no no!). It was a nice feeling to see the Sun light dimmed at the max of the eclipse. As per news, the eclipse was 85% full in Bangalore. We missed the annular, but whatever we witnesses was well worth it.

And here is the panel:

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biosha said...

hai you done a wonderful job i have also seen the eclipse but not as you. although many experts directed the method of seeing the eclipse lots of people around me watched through film negatives, x-rays etc. but it is wonder of nature we are lucky to saw that. any way i am very happy to share this. you just watch my blog

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