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Brindavan Darshan News 08th May '05!

SaiRam All!

Morning Darshan:

It is a very quenching darshan, this, coming after a long wait. The
crowd there was always gathering. By 6.30 am Ramesh hall was full and
there were more people coming towards the Ashram. After a long wait
SWAMI's arrival was heralded initially by nadaswaram and later by the
music with a jazzy sort of a beat. Soon there was din all over the place
and people stood to have a glimpse of the Lord even as hair stands on
end for a person in a blissful state.

The best part of the darshan was to see SWAMI walking down from
Trayee Brindavan to the ladies-side entrance of Sai Ramesh hall.Infact
he walked up to the elevator and went up the stage. After some time he
came down by the gents side elevator and boarded his old Golf car which
was often the 'chariot' the year before the last. He took the lane in
front of the students' block and took left near the Ganesh idol and went
straight down the central aisle till the 'erstwhile end' of the Ramesh
hall(not the extension). There He took left and turned again to come
straight and turn left again in a position to exit through the passage
He had entered. Earlier, He was welcomed with a 'Swaagatam' song by the
Bangalore devotees which was followed by bhajans.
(By A Sai Brother)

Afternoon Darshan:

Failed to make myself ready for the Sunday morning darshan. Sundays are
beautiful in Brindavan. A sea of humanity in silent anticipation is a
rare thing in this world. Only Swamy could make it possible! I didn't
want to miss such a beautiful day and reached Brindavan by 2:30PM for
the evening darshan.

I surrender my 'luggage' of mobile phone in the cloak room. Free now, I
think and reach the entrance. There is a beautiful arch made of flowers
that said 'Welcome to the Lord of Brindavan'! How sweet!! I pass through
the security and get into the Ramesh hall to find it completely full by
then. Bhajans are going on without the speakers. Despite the fact that
they have been on since morning, there is quite a tempo in the Bhajans.
Devotees start sitting in the extension. We reckon that Swamy might not
come for rounds in the afternoon and take vantage positions from where
we could comfortably see the Lord when HE is seated on the stage.
Following the bhajans that I know and chanting HIS name while I can't
make out some of the bhajans. I cast my eyes around. It really looks
festive. 'Thoranams' all around, marigold garlands spiralling round the
pillars, banners that read '80 years of Love in Action, Bhagawan Sri
Sathya Sai Baba', Saraswathi idol painted, hostel gets a facelift.....
my eyes slowly move towards the stage. The Muralidhara idol has been
decorated with arches of flowers and the stage bedecked breathtakingly
with flowers. All this coupled with the Bhajans reaching their crescendo
and the eager anticipation for the Lord of Brindavan, altogether
elevated the mind to a different(higher) state!

3:30PM, the wait continues.....

4:00PM, no luck yet. But by now the hall looks completely full even on
ladies' side. Bhajans are on in full swing. I couldn't help noticing the
Bhajans that beseeched the Lord to appear soon, such Aao aao Sainatha,
Mandir mein Aao madhava and many more, the whole Aao series was there! I
tell myself this is the tapas that we need to do in this age to have a
glimpse of HIM.

4:30PM, suddenly the audio speakers go live and resting backs get erect,
necks craned... I focus on the Trayee gate. I could see two boys
carrying buckets, presumably containing prasadam, going towards Trayee.
I think, they are going to get blessed, the Lord must be on HIS way...
The boys go back and before long, the curly hair, the red robe is
seen....The Lord is here! HE is coming by walk!! The golf cart following
at a distance feels left out... As Swamy comes near, I see HIM more
clearly... holding Dr. Jain's hand for some support, HE is coming, it
looks from this distance of about 50m, as floating.... HE enters the
hall from the ladies' side. And keeps walking towards the stage..... on
the way, HE speaks to someone briefly. Soon HE is on the elevator. Swamy
is on the stage and soon assumes HIS throne. Devotees express their
happiness by loud claps. All eyes focussing on HIM, the Bhajans are
stepping up tempo. Swamy listens to all Bhajans and timing them. HE must
have sat for 5/6 Bhajans. At 5:05PM, HE signals it is time for Arati and
gets up from the chair and stands holding the railing. Beautiful!!
Immediately Arati comes and we sing 'Om jai Jagadeesha hare...'. Arati
over and an army of youngmen in whites are trooping out from behind the
stage. They are holding prasadam in bucketfuls. Swamy stands holding the
railing and watches devotees receiving the prasadam. And then slowly
walks out, this time through the backdoor on the stage.

I thank the Lord for HIS darshan and the prasadam. Very happy at having
spent a wonderful afternoon at the Brindavan. I just prayed, oh Lord
please compensate for your late arrival this year and bless us with
extended rain of your grace in this Summer!

Jai Sai Ram


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