Thursday, September 09, 2004

IITs and Higher education!

The new situation places heavy responsibilities on the IITs as well as
others in terms of post-graduate education. The IITs, as well as the
IISc, have performed a commendable task of turning out excellent MTech
and PhD students in engineering during the past four decades.

However, this number is very small compared to the faculty strength and
resources at these institutions. Of the sanctioned strength of 26,000
for various post-graduate programmes in 321 institutions, only about
8,000 are filled. This is a sorry state of affairs and calls for a quick
revaluation by the government.

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My comment:

Another way of addressing this issue is by IITs should strike a very
good equilibrium between research and academics and should strive to be
much more than glorified engineering colleges. We certainly need more
IITs which will address the quality engineering education aspect while
the present ones should step up their research output, both in terms of
quality and quantity and cater to the larger needs of the country.


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