Saturday, July 24, 2004

lOkO ratihi!

Aum Sri Sai Ram

Sitting in Brindavan while Swamy was on HIS throne enjoying the Bhajans, I reflected 'Perhaps the formless Godhead won't be so much joy'! Of course that is a path yet untrodden. But while I sit and watch Bhagawan enjoying the Bhajans, I wanted that moment to freeze so that I can savour it forever.

How lucky we are that the Formless Divine principle is walking the earth as our contemporary! And luckier still, out of HIS infinite grace, HE has drawn us unto HIM. We have no knowledge of the previous Avatars of the Lord. Our idea of Them mostly comes from mythological stories we have heard about Them. But we have now an unique opportunity to see the Avatar, and experience HIM.

What is HE? There can be varied descriptions but the most apt of them all, by Swamy's own declaration is HE is love on the move. HIS love for all of us is boundless. HE once said 'lOkO ratihi' which means HE loves the whole world! HIS love is immeasurable. I will try to give a few examples of how HE expresses that Love to us.

Perhaps the greatest expression of that Love divine is the Superspeciality and General Hospitals at Prashantinilayam and Whitefield, Bangalore. These hospitals cater to the health needs of people cutting across religion, caste, creed, social stratum and whatever other discrminations our mind can conceive. A better description for these hospitals is 'Temples of Healing'. The efficiency, efficacy, results and the happiness they confer on the patient alongwith good health are astounding. The whole world is stunned that such high quality medical care could be made available entirely free of cost. When the Avatar descends, there is no scope for patch work. The peace that is to be established has to be sustained over a long period of time to come. That is why HE doesn't take short cuts. A country's future can be safe only if its citizens are honest, hardworking and sincere. And what better way to make such citizens than establish schools, colleges and Balvikas where the citizens of tomorrow are moulded with love. Bhagawan has made no secret of HIS preference for students. When HE comes for darshan everyday, HE goes straight to the students first, blesses, converses, enquires and gives HIS love. The students reciprocate the love by being ready to give their very lives to Swamy. And when a student emotionally told Swamy that he is even ready to lay down his life for HIM, Swamy was quick to correct him and said 'I want you to live for ME, not die for ME'. Can there be a better example of exchange of Love?

Swamy mentioned in a discourse after the inauguration of the Water supply project in Anantpur district that for fifty years after independence, this place has been neglected by politicians and bureaucrats alike. So HE took it upon HIMSELF to provide clean drinking water by laying about 1750KM of pipeline covering hundreds of villages. With anybody else, a project of this magnitude and dimensions is impossible, but not with Baba. This project has been successfully replicated in many other districts now. The root cause, Swamy's love for humanity - now we understand lOkO ratihi better.

Swamy's love for us constantly finds newer expressions and betters itself, if that is possible. I am saying this in the light of last one year's incidents. Bhagawan is in human casing and HE is so selfless that HE won't use HIS miraculous powers to heal HIS body. HE is approaching eight decades in this human form. Last year, HE underwent a surgery in the hip. HIS bone was relaced by a steel rod. It would have been impossible for anyone else of that age to walk about, oblivious of his own state of body. But Swamy has told us before 'HIS life is HIS message'. So, even as HE suffers excruciating pain, HE walks amidst us, with a smile, as if nothing has happened. HE continues to receive letters, HE continues to make Vibhuti, HE continues to bless, HE continues to show us that HE loves and HE cares. In the first week of May 2004, Bhagawan sustained another injury on HIS shoulder. But HE was there for everyone during the Easwaramma day celebrations. In fact, HE stood and spoke for one hour and enthralled everybody. And HE came out for darshan in a revolving chair.

What more proof do we want to recognise HIM as Love personified?

Perhaps, I can keep on writing about the various instances of HIS Love. But the sole point is the undercurrent of love that flows. We must grasp that love and treasure it, imbibe it and inculcate it unfailingly. What greater good fortune than giving that LOVE divine our love. After all, that is what HE wants and that iswhy HE took pains to descend. Let us Love HIM and recollect what HE said once:

Come one, come all, let us not be ungrateful called.
Let us faithfully serve HIM and love HIM and love HIM and love HIM.
-- Baba

Jai Sai Ram

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